Upcoming Career/Job Opportunities and expected Vacancies shortly

  1. Professor in Emergency Medicine

  2. Professor in Paediatrics

  3. Professor in Obstestrics & Gynaecology

  4. Professor in Radiology

  5. Associate Professor in Pharmacology

  6. Assistant Professor in Obstestrics & Gynaecology

  7. Assistant Professor in Anaesthesiology

  8. Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine

  9. Senior Residents are required in Phase – I and Phase – II subjects (i.,e Pre & Para Clinical Subjects).

  10. Senior Residents in Emergency Medicine

  11. Senior Residents in Anaesthesia

  12. Senior Residents in Orthopaedics/p>

  13. Senior Residents in Obstestrics & Gyanecology

Applicants can apply by email to principal.bhaskarmc@gmail.com or in person at office of the Dean, Bhaskar Medical College