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I, _______________________, Conscious of the Honour having been deemed worthy of becoming a student of Bhaskar Medical College, solemnly swear that I will obey the rules and regulations of Bhaskar Medical College and Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences of Andhra Pradesh. I shall bear the prestige of Bhaskar Medical College on my shoulders. I thank God for the fortune of being a student of this glorious campus with so many amenities.

I am proud to be the student of Bhaskar Medical College I promise that I shall strive to be worthy of it. I promise I treat Bhaskar Medical College as sacred place that give me wisdom and knowledge.

I promise that I shall work hard and sweat for a great vision of our great country in transforming it into developed nation morally, spiritually and economically with a strong value system.

I shall develop meaningful friendship with my classmates throughout our lives irrespective of social and economic diversities. I shall think of the rights of others and at no time I shall indulge in heinous activities like ragging.

I shall neither use nor support the use of illegal drugs.

I shall not join any organization forbidden by the Laws of Land or by the rules of the Bhaskar Medical College of which I am a student.

I shall be loyal and true to Bhaskar Medical College and I shall be guided by its ideals. I shall be governed by its rules of conduct.

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